Day In the Life of Beauty: Celebrity Manicurist Jin Soon Choi

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One of our favorite mani mavens Jin Soon Choi gave Glam the inside scoop as she handles hoards of editors, shade swatches, and a menu of Korean cuisine between shows for Tess Giberson, Rag & Bone, and Theory. Here she shares her packed schedule:

6:30 AM

Wake up to the annoying sound of my alarm, without which I would have slept until 10:00!

7:10 AM

Meet my office manager at the office and head to the Tess Giberson show.

7:30 AM

Arrive at Pier 59 Studio (on the Hudson River) backstage to meet Tess Giberson; join my team of manicurists and set up the JINsoon displays (which my husband designed and built) for the show.

7:45 AM

See a friend who is doing makeup at the show. Don’t have much time to chat though, as this is the first day of NYFW!

8:00 AM

I’m really excited to introduce and use a nail polish color from my Tess Giberson/JINsoon collaboration, so I checked it out on a few model's nails.

8:57 AM

Selfie moment with model, Ji-Young Kwak.

9:15 AM

Have a moment to chat with the designer, Tess Giberson.

9:30 AM

Take photos of models’ nails and of my team doing their nails.

9:45 AM

Have interviews with editors and bloggers. It's always fun to see them— it's like a high school reunion!

10:00 AM

Spot very cute shoes from H&M designed by MinJu Kim, so I have to take a photo of them.

10:29 AM

Tess Giberson's adorable daughter chooses the same black nail polish color that we are using on the models, so I make her pose for me, as if she was one of the models.

<strong?11:15 AM

Have a backstage moment with the super creative, talented and nicest makeup artist, Dick Page.

11:45 AM

Leave the show momentarily for a food break.

12:15 AM

Have lunch with the JINsoon Beauty Team (in Ktown - very close by) in-between shows.

1:15 PM

Sit down at a small park by myself in front of Macy's, catch up with e-mails and deal with a few business problems. All of a sudden, a guy with a big bread tries to join me so I get up and leave.

1:40 PM

Arrive at the Rag & Bone show.

2:46 PM

Have a selfie moment with the Revlon gang.

2:54 PM

More interview time with editors and bloggers.

4:02 PM

Take photos with models Joan Smalls and Hanne Gaby, celebrating NYFW backstage.

5:15 PM

Leave the Rag & Bone Show.

5:45 PM

Stop by my apartment to make nail color displays for tomorrow's shows.

7:10 PM

Go to Theory for a test in preparation for the show.

8:25 PM

Meet my husband and a friend at DoWha restaurant for a delicious Korean dinner. Yep! It’s a big day for Korean food.

10:30 PM

Come home and prepare products and displays for the next day's shows.

1:30 AM

Finally manage to go to sleep.