Day in the Life of Beauty: Celebrity Stylist Ryan Trygstad

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Glam checked in with hair stylist to Hollywood’s best and brightest, Ryan Trygstad, as he navigates the paparazzi to prep the likes of Michael J. Fox and Taylor Schilling for the Golden Globes red carpet. Here Trygstad shares his hectic schedule:


Woke up; I was still on New York time. Went back to sleep.


I woke up and started my day. I quickly did my daily grooming ritual and headed to Alfred's Coffee & Kitchen on Melrose Place for an iced coffee. My process of waking up involves a little caffeine and a little cardio, so I took a long walk around WeHo. I couldn't help but feel like I was breaking some kind of rule by walking to get around; when in Rome, be yourself. So many things made me excited about being in LA - Taylor was nominated for a Golden Globe, I was catching up with friends, and I was comfortably drinking iced coffee in the middle of January.


I had a quick shower, threw on some clothes, and headed to Beverly Hills to meet my first client of the day, Michael J. Fox. The entrance to the hotel where he stayed was packed with people hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite celebrity; the energy was undeniable. I gave Michael a trim for the evening's events. Michael is one of the kindest people, and it was really nice to see a familiar face from NYC in LA.


I wrapped up things with Michael, used Uber to arrange a car, and packed my bag to head to my next client, Taylor Schilling.


I was the first to arrive to Taylor's hotel room, so we had a chance to chat before everyone else arrived. We were both excited for the night to come and talked about how lucky we were to be in the moment. Taylor was very present and very appreciative; she's the sweetest thing.


The rest of Taylor's glam team arrived. We took out the beautiful emerald green Thakoon gown that Taylor would wear that night and discussed details of the look that we wanted to achieve.


With Taylor fresh out of the shower, I applied Leonor Greyl's Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice throughout her hair, applied Condition Naturelle to the ends, and blow dried with a small round brush to create volume and movement. After her hair was dry, I applied hair extensions for a dramatic, voluminous effect.


Hair and makeup had been finished, and Penny Lovell helped Taylor into her beautiful three-ply silk Thakoon dress. Taylor slipped into the heels that needed to be spray painted silver last minute to match her dress, and I gave one last comb out and spray. She looked absolutely stunning.


After lots of air kisses and words of encouragement and thanks, she was off. She looked amazing, but most importantly, she said that she felt amazing.


I packed up my stuff in Taylor's hotel room and used Uber to get to my friend's apartment where we prepped munchies for friends that would be joining us to watch the Globes live.

All in a good days work! So grateful that I do what I love and am surrounded by such amazing and inspiring people!