Day in the Life of Beauty: Cindy Barshop, Owner of Completely Bare

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Glam caught up with Cindy Barshop, owner of Completely Bare, as she balances morning yoga with her two daughters, developing a new Completely Bare skincare line, and bringing hair removal home with Completely Bare hair removal products at CVS. Here she shares her daily schedule:


I wake up by my human alarm clock—Jesse, my daughter, says it’s morning. We roll out of bed and Zoe, my other daughter, follows. And yes, most of the time they end up in my bed in the middle of the night. Jesse and I begin our days by stretching and doing yoga with an instructor. Zoe is slow to wake and jumps in at some point in the middle. Luckily for me, my girls enjoy yoga and love the downward dog and rockstar pose, which is ironic since I always call them both my rockstars. Jess wants to paint, while Zoe wants to read – which leaves me switching off between helping the two of them do what they love.


Breakfast time. Whole wheat pancakes with syrup and sliced apples, yum yum! Zoe easily indulges while Jesse looks at her pancakes and apples as if it is poison and shouts, “No, no!” This is their daily breakfast morning routine. In order to please Jesse, I mix it up and serve her the breakfast of champions, Nutella and peanut butter on a spoon. Then it’s time to shower, get dressed, and put some makeup on, in order to be presentable at the office. I get the girls dressed and ready for school with a little help from my friends, Yo Gabba Gabba—their favorite television show.


We leave the apartment and I drop them at school. I meet their friends’ moms at school, arrange some play dates, and tell the other moms I will stay for coffee next time. I say this every time I see them, because honestly, there is only one place for me to be productive and drink coffee—that is at the office.


I arrive at the Completely Bare office, review emails and my to do list, make some calls, tweet on Twitter, then sit down with my CEO and assistant to see what’s on the agenda for the day. Next, we sort out of a time to meet later in the day to reconvene and collectively decide on 4:00 PM.


It’s time for laser genesis training with the completely bare specialists. We introduce three of our senior specialists to the new technology, which is a facial that tightens skin with a non-invasive laser. A few weeks ago, they received the laser genesis facial themselves, saw how painless it was and the wonderful results it achieved. Now they are more pumped than ever due to this. I love when my team is excited and passionate about learning about our services!


I take a break to sit and brainstorm my next story as contributor for Esquire. I’m thinking perhaps a story on how to get the perfect shave or choose the best cologne for your personality. A lot of guys don’t even know the difference between eau de toilette and cologne.


I pick up Jesse and Zoe at school, as well as the nanny. I take them to my parents’ apartment in Battery Park and hang out with my family for a little, while checking emails on my phone. Suddenly at 2:25pm, I realize I have a 2:30pm conference call.


I call in a bit disheveled and speak with the Completely Bare skincare line manufacturer, along with the designer to review the tweaks of the simple, sophisticated, but fun Completely Bare design. I make some change, and ensure we are are meeting the milestone chart for the product launch, which will hopefully coincide with the facial launch.


I return back to the corporate office to meet with Completely Bare's CEO, Elan, Marketing Director, Gary, and Brand Services Manager, Sam. We finalize the creatives as well as run through the scripts and verbiage we intend to give to our staff for when they are discussing the new treatments with clients and narrow down a list of our VIP clients to invite in to try the new service before we formally launch.


Next, I arrive home to play with the girls. Today is Hide and Seek and Kissy Monster. Then, it’s time for the usual feeding and bathing.


Night Time—book time in their room. Their current favorites are Llama Llama, Red Pajama, and Llama Llama, Time to Share. As usual, there is no time to change and get ready for my dinner with friends.


Time to relax and catch up with my friends at my favorite restaurant, Willow Road in the West Village. Good laughs and good times are always shared.


The check at dinner is paid and it’s time to head home for a good night’s sleep (or at least an attempt at a good night’s sleep….)