Day In the Life of Beauty: Janessa Paré, Global Artist for Aveda Makeup

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Glam got the #NYFW scoop for Aveda's Janessa Paré as she crafts concepts for Heather Laughton and the Academy of Art University shows. Follow along as she primps, pow wows, and picks up a burrito in the midst of her hectic schedule:

5:15 AM

Wake up in my Brooklyn apartment to prep for a 7am call time for the first show of the season for New York Fashion Week. I spend a few minutes checking emails to make sure nothing in my schedule has changed for the day ahead.

5:20 AM

As I head to the kitchen, my two feline boys follow at my feet to have breakfast while I chug a large glass of ice cold water to wake up.

5:25 AM

I have already set my hair in waves last night so that I only have to concentrate on my makeup. Today I chose to apply my usual softly contoured eye and extended liner with a stained lip since reapplying lips will not be a thought today.

6:45 AM

I am early! My dream assistant Erika Acre helps me set up while we chat about the concept and what Aveda makeup products will be featured.

7:00 AM

Quick pow wow with the team and then when the first model arrives I start the demo for this seasons Heather Lawton presentation.

7:15 AM

The team starts makeup on models as they arrive. Once they are complete the models come over to be checked before heading into hair.

8:30 AM

As the show director calls the one hour mark until the model must be complete I am starting makeup on Diandra Forrest, my favorite pigment-free model (my play name for our Albino beauties)

9:30 AM

All models are dressing for a 10am show. Once they are dressed and in line up, Erika and few artists do last looks in the line up. Applying a touch more Aveda Uruku lip pigment in Sheer Ocre for a satiny nude but hydrated lip.

10:00 AM

Once models head to presentation room, I freshen up Heather Lawton's makeup while the Aveda hair team primps her locks.

10:15 AM

Erika and I taxi it to the Aveda Advanced Academy in Soho. Today I will be doing day two of a runway makeup workshop for artists who have traveled in for the opportunity to learn the looks of the season and what it takes to work on a fashion week team with the added benefit of working on a few shows for fashion week with us. While in the car I scan emails and make a quick instagram post showing off the makeup looks the team completed so beautifully.After demo-ing a graphic elongated contour eye, the models arrive for the artists to execute the look. I receive a text from designer Heather Lawton saying how much she loved the makeup and team for her show and she cant wait to work together again soon, asking if I would be interested in working on her upcoming campaign shoot. I share this positive feedback with the team.

5:00 PM

After the second full application of the day is complete, the models are taking selfies in the corner before they depart. Those not headed to castings insist on keeping the look, which us makeup artists receive as a huge compliment. As the artists and I regroup forum style, I accept questions about the week ahead and congratulate them on their beautiful work and dedication to growing in their craft.

5:15 PM

I sit with Jessica Gould, our coordinator at the Academy and fashion week shows to recap the day and connect on details that have changed.

5:30 PM

Erika and I are not done for the day. On our way to grab food, I put in a call to Janell Geason, the Global creative Director for Aveda Makeup, to let her know how well the team did at the show and how the workshop she created was another great success.

6:00 PM

We sit in silence as we eat our plate burritos except a comment now and then on what we still need to accomplish before the day is through.

7:00 PM

We arrive at Kimball studios to meet with Academy of Art University to test the look for Fridays show.

7:30 AM

While Jon Reyman, key hair for the show, is completing the hair test, Erika and I go over the following days schedule. It will start with Jay Godfrey’s Mercedes Benz NYFW debut show. The look will be an intense aubergine contoured eye with a glossy sheen finish, perfectly suited for his collection inspired by the offspring of rock icons like Liv Tyler.

8:00 PM

I put the finishing touches on my model Paula’s flawless skin and complete the concept with a futuristic graphic brow.

8:30 PM

AAU director Simon Ungless approves the look by leaning in for a kiss on the cheek to express his excitement about his vision having come to life.

9:00 PM

I arrive home to my guy Kurt who has tided up and prepared a light meal for my arrival, knowing my day would be hectic. I finish a day’s work with a cup of decaf earl grey tea, responding to emails and writing this blog while the kitties are trying to climb on the keyboard to get my attention. This calm environment is my balance.