Day in the Life of Beauty: Morgan Willhite


Glam checked in with Morgan Willhite, the Head stylist and Creative Director for Ouidad Salon in Santa Monica, as she starts navigates a day filled with meetings, clients, and her 3 year-old- son. Here Willhite shares her daily routine as well as her lunch advice:

6:00 AM: “Wake up! Wake up!” says my human alarm. No need to set an alarm clock when you have a 3-year-old son. Time to take what I call my “2 minute quick rinse” I dream of the long, hot, 30 min shower. Anyways, no excuses for looking frumpy as my mom would say. To maintain being a “stylish mom,” staying organized and managing my time is key. I style my hair the night before, and then I sleep sitting up, just kidding. I actually sleep with my hair pulled up in this crazy high ponytail -it works for curly girls. I lay out our clothes the night before, which saves me so much time! Both dressed in under 10 minutes!

6:45 AM: I watch Cartoon Network while I put on my makeup.

7:00 AM: We get in the car on our way to Pre-School.

7:15 AM: When I'm in the car commuting to work in the midst of LA traffic, I pretend that I love traffic so it doesn't ruin my day.

8:00 AM: I have my daily conference call with the New York Ouidad corporate team. This is when we touch base on the salons operations; discuss all current and future articles for social media, magazines, etc.

9:00 AM: If it's Thursday-Saturday from 9 AM-8PM I work as a stylist in the salon. I owe my success of being a Creative Director to my clients. I’m hands on and stay current with all hair trends and fashion. This keeps my vision and my mind consistently evolving with seasonal fashion trends. My creativity is at a high. Just in case you were wondering, I practice what I preach!

10:00 AM: If it's not a salon day, I'm on to the next meeting, usually a new product discussion. We listen to our clients and pay close attention to new product ideas, making sure will fill any gaps in our product line.

11:00 AM: We have our certified salon meeting. We certify salon stylist with our very own philosophy on caring for, cutting, and the styling of curly hair. We have a signature cutting technique called “Carving and Slicing,” which is taught at our training studio in New York City This meeting helps ensure all salons are supported with the proper techniques and knowledge to service their Ouidad clients.

12:00 PM: Lunch please – breaks are important; resting your mind and feeding your body keeps your energy up and your mind alert. Don’t skip lunch!

1:00 PM: Next is our seasonal mood board collaboration. Every month, each member of our creative team individually puts together a mood board that reflects all current fashion hair trends, picking and choosing different visions from each mood boards help us strategize the most effective way to apply all current hair trends to curly/textured hair. My job is to make sure curly hair is never left out of a seasonal trend.

3:00 PM: I make a quick phone call to my nanny, making sure my son was picked up from school and is home safe.

3:15 PM: I make another call to my assistant Victoria, making sure I'm on schedule and that there are no last minute opportunities I've missed such as writing blogs, magazine quotes, web or print hair articles, etc. …the list goes on!

4:00 PM: Then we have our PR status update conference call with our public relations company. This is a meeting that covers all our Ouidad product placements, future “New Year” planning as well as any salon activities covering media, print etc. Our PR company works extremely hard making sure we are involved in all opportunities reflecting curls and texture.

6:00 PM: Then I’m back at the salon reviewing the daily activity of product sales and salon services. I also look at the scheduled week of clients, reviewing the color and product inventory, etc.

7:00 PM: Although our salon closes at 7PM, due to having a celebrity clientele, it requires me to sometimes come in extra early or stay after hours as its impossible during working hours. Clients in general become uncomfortable because of the commotion. It works best for everyone.

7:45PM: Usually, I'm home from work around this time. No matter what kind of workday I have, I’m always home in time to give my son a bath and read him a book or 3. Then I lay with him until he falls asleep.

8:30PM: No, it's not over yet! This is quiet time for me. As the Creative Director for Ouidad, writing is a big part of my job. During awards season, I record all shows and write about the curl and texture trends I see on the red carpet. Thanks to our PR company, I get the opportunity to give my expertise on the topic by offering styling tips to any major magazine that's doing a story on curls/texture.

11:00 PM: I wake with the laptop on my lap and decided to call it a night.

11:15PM: I rub a little lavender oil on my temples and I'm out like a light!