Day in the Life: Ole Henriksen, Founder of His Eponymous Lifestyle and Skincare Brand

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Glam recently checked in with skincare guru Ole Henriksen as he geared up for an on-air appearance on Hallmark's Home and Family show while maintaining his strict exercise and skincare routine (natch). Here, Henriksen shares his busy schedules as well as the products he keeps in his bathroom and what artists are on his workout playlist:

5:30 AM

Alarm goes off! I embrace everyday like a new beginning— I love getting up early in the morning because it’s peaceful and with no interruptions. I am feeling energized as I go to the bathroom for my morning skincare routine. I first say “good morning” to myself in the mirror— lending myself a smile to welcome a new day before beginning my 20 minute skincare routine of my favorite Ole Henriksen products! My daily skincare routine includes my African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser, Truth Serum Collagen Booster, Truth Revealed Super Crème SPF 15, and Total Truth Eye Crème SPF 15. When the weather allows I open up my big window for the wonderful fresh air—it’s a beautiful day in LA today.

5:50 AM

Go downstairs to cook breakfast for myself and my partner Laurence. I love my oatmeal with flaxseed, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. I like the quietness of the morning— I read my Huffington Post online and check some of my emails for anything urgent. It’s more about sitting there and enjoying the start of the day and my food!

7:00 AM

I go upstairs to call my co-author (she lives in Denmark) to discuss my upcoming book I am writing with her on skincare. In addition, I work on emails and touch base with my assistant.

8:00 AM

I love living in beautiful California that allows me to exercise outside in my shorts and tank top! Get on my rings and parallel bars in my backyard with my music playing loudly—playlist includes Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, Miley Cyrus; to mention a few. I love to dance in between, flying high with those endorphins being released!

9:00 AM

Drive to Le Pain Quotidien on Melrose Ave to get my morning snack and lunch to-go— organic soup and avocado/ quinoa salad with their wonderful walnut bread. Then I’m off to Ole Henriksen Spa to meet up with my business partner, Vance Soto, to discuss materials for the Home & Family show on the Hallmark Channel I will be doing later today.

12:30 PM

Arrive at Universal Studios— it’s such a treat to do this show because I used to work with Christina Ferrare (host with Mark Steines) and she’s such a wonderful person and has a great personality! On the two hour show I demonstrated recipes and special masks I have made—we were having a great time with lots of laughing!

3:30 PM

Leave the show and to go back home for my second part of my exercise. I do free weights, yoga exercises, stomach work for 30 minutes in my house with music blasting again.

5:30 PM

Laurence gets home from a busy day and we meet in the living room to talk about our day over coffee and wine for him.

7:30 PM

Drive to Cecconi’s in West Hollywood for dinner, our absolute favorite Italian restaurant. Such a hip place where you always run into beautiful people and we have become friends with the manager—great ambiance and company! I had salmon with a chopped vegetable salad and as a treat after a great show— I had my favorite drink, Belvedere on the rocks!

10:00 PM

I take my nightly shower to wash my hair and do my skincare routine. I use my Invigorating Night Gel for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil with rosehip seed oil, and my last step is Ultimate Lift Eye Gel!

10:30 PM

Go downstairs to watch a half hour of TV with Laurence before going to bed.

10:30 PM

Time for bed, I say my prayers every night—expressing gratitude for our world, peace, equality, children, and elderly. Thanking God for all the wonderful people I have in my life or that may be ill!

11:00 PM

Watch the news to find out what happened today outside of my local world.

11:30 PM

After a long and productive day, it’s time to get some rest. Sleep is essential for maintaining both health and beauty.