Day in the Life: Patti Pao, Restorsea Founder

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Sometimes you find inspiration in the oddest places, but the results can be incredible. After launching over 400 products for brands like Elizabeth Arden, Guerlain, Avon, and Peter Thomas Roth, Patti Pao was inspired to strike out on her own when she took a trip to a Norwegian salmon hatchery.She discovered a natural salmon enzyme that holds the key to a gentler anti-aging regimen and launched Restorsea. Glam caught up with Pao to give us the scoop on what her day is like from handling meetings with medical professionals to stirring up #HealthyObsessions-worthy recipes and routines:


 Wake up, feed cats (Max & Peter) and bird (Woody), clean bird cage. Now I know what it’s like to live on an urban farm…


 Read The New York Times, WWD, WSJ. I read three newspapers every day.


 Jump in the shower and cleanse my face & body with Restorsea Reviving Cleanser.


 Assemble my nut mix for the office. We are trying to eat healthy. My nut mix recipe is: 1 cup of unsalted: macadamia nuts, cashew nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, dried cherries, dried apricots (chopped) and dried figs (chopped).


Guided meditation with my instructor Naomi Ponce de Leon.


Walk to the office. It’s about two miles, but I started doing this because since starting Restorsea -- I barely have any time to exercise.


Meet with Dr. Matthew White who is part of our MD Affiliate program. Dr. White is a renowned plastic surgeon who is the Director of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at NYU. Dr. White has done a lot of research of how the face ages. While skin is a big component, interestingly, our bones shift as we age as well.


Make a Starbucks run.


Meet with Modiface to discuss developing app for custom skincare profiles. We are unique in that we are one of the few beauty companies who can speak knowledgeably about every skin product.


Break for lunch. When I am in the office I make smoothies for everyone. Today’s recipe is: 2 cups of kale, 1 cup filtered water, 1 cup coconut water, ½ cup almond milk, 1 cup blueberries, ½ cup raspberries and 1 banana, and blend well. This recipe makes 2 servings.


Tea at the St. Regis with Dr. Erin Gilbert, another MD Affiliate.


Update with my co-founder and business parter, Muneer Satter. He is a genius. The universe gives all of us one gift—he is a very successful business man and is always six steps ahead of me. I say that when the money waterfall flows, I am running back and forth trying to catch the droplets. In contrast, Muneer has a huge dumpster positioned directly under the flow of the waterfall.


Begin the walk home (in the pouring rain).


Feed my cats.


Write the weekly Restorsea newsletter, VIP newsletter, and answer customer service queries. We pride ourselves on our customer service and answer all correspondence within 24 hours.


 I need to read for an hour before going to bed. I read between 3-6 books a week. I just finished Bittersweet by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore and The One by Kiera Cass; they are both great beach reads. I am re-reading Agatha Christie’s The Mirror Cracked from Side to Side. For non-fiction, I am currently reading Michael LewisFlash Boys and rereading one of my favorite business books, The Hard Things About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz.