Day in the Life: Shopping for Spring


Between Fashion Week in February and a seemingly endless winter, March completely sprung up on me this year! While reviewing my schedule, I realized that April, Easter, and a few fun weekend trips were quickly approaching, and my wardrobe was far from prepared. Even though Mother Nature is apparently holding onto those enviable spring temperatures as long as she can in the Northeast, I’m already dreaming of new outfits and warmer afternoons spent outdoors. In anticipation of the season, I decided to dedicated an entire day in March revitalizing my wardrobe with a few key pieces that would touch on a few of my favorite upcoming spring trends like coral, neon, cutouts, lace, lady-like neutrals, tribal prints, and statement heels. Here’s how I spent my day.

9 a.m. My alarm goes off and I jump out of bed as soon as I realized my indulgent shopping day has finally arrived. After scrolling through Twitter and Instagram to see what I missed out on while sleeping, I throw off the covers and brainstorm my outfit for the day. I’ll need a cute but comfortable look that’ll be easy to walk around in and take on and off as I try on clothes.

9:30 a.m. Still in my PJs, I start digging through my closet. I’m all for bold shoes with staple pieces, so I opt for an Equipment button down, Blank Denim leather leggings, and Steve Madden animal print wedges. I know they’re comfortable enough to pound the pavement in NYC, yet cute enough in case I run into friends and opt for an evening out at dinner before making it home.

10 a.m. Time to head out! Before I officially get started, I head to one of my two favorite coffee shops right on my block: MUD coffee. It’s a staple in NYC and I’m beyond lucky (despite what my wallet says) to live right down the street from the caffeine headquarters.

10:15 a.m. My first stop is Pinky Otto, right next door to MUD Coffee, and also on my block. While I regularly look in the windows on my walk home, I make sure to pop in every month or so to check out their newest offerings. The building’s so cute with a pink interior, and designer is always spot-on the latest trends with her creations.

10:45 a.m. After chatting with the sales girl about how to style a few of the pieces I’ve selected, I finally step into the dressing room. I’ve picked out a long coral stripe and chevron print dress that would be ideal for a casual outdoor spring or summer party, along with two white tops with lace accents and a pair of white shorts that I’m dying to wear to Governor’s Ball.

11:15 a.m. Since the store is so small, it’s like I have a personal shopper! Even though I could spend hours (and hundreds) in the store, I know I have a few more stores to visit on my list, and I head out with the coral stripe and chevron dress and lace shorts. Two spring trends, down!

12:00 p.m. I decide to head down to Soho from the East Village, for maximum shopping ability. It’s relatively nice out, so I stroll through Nolita into Soho, sipping coffee and already thinking about how I’ll work in those lace shorts to more than a few outfits for fashion parties and vacation plans. Once I make it to Soho, I already know my next stop: Zara.

12:30 p.m. It’s hard not to fall in love with everything from Zara. Considering the fact that I have a bit of a shoe addiction, I make heels my first focus. I immediately zone in on a pair of super strappy heels that come in both black and teal and begin to debate color schemes. While black will surely match with more, Pantone opted for emerald as the color of the year, so the teal could be a better choice. I scoop them both up and plan to make my decision later.

12:45 p.m.: Somehow I restrain myself in Zara and narrow down my focus to three trends in three pieces. Trend 1 – I find a perfect white dress that features a major circular cutout in the back. I love this location for cutout detailing, because any visible peekaboo moments limit my CPW (cost per wear) since I wouldn’t be able to rock the dress at work. Give me a back cutout though and I can easily throw a blazer over to meet HR restrictions, then lose the blazer as I transition from desk to drinks! Trend 2 – I spot an adorable tribal print bucket bag that’s beyond adorable and ideal for so many situations. It’s small enough that I can easily wear it cross body to summer concerts, but also large enough that I can stuff everything I’ll need for a day of fun in Montauk where my friends and I sometimes head straight from lunch to relaxing at a friend’s house by the pool to dinner without an outfit change or opportunity to pop back home. Trend 3 – It was hard to make the choice, but I’ve opted for the teal strappy heels, because I know that my shoe closet is already full of black. I can’t wait to wear these with skinny jeans and a blazer for meetings with my editorial team at Glam Media or flirty A-line dresses during the summer for brunch with friends.

1:00 p.m.: Now that I’ve hit up two locations, I’ve successfully secured five major trends for spring: cutouts, statement heels, coral, lace, and tribal prints. While I was in line at Zara, my best friend texted me asking for a quick bite, so we head to Café Gitane for avocado toast before I continue on my quest.

3 p.m. Fueled with a delicious lunch, I’m back on the hunt. I pop into Aritizia where I quickly fall in love with another coral piece – an adorable, airy, pleated skirt. I find myself twirling in the dressing room and I immediately know this skirt will be on heavy rotation from April to September. To top it off, I begin to obsess over a soft white sweater that features a huge slit in the back. I’m already envisioning it as a must for chillier nights on the beach and as a great transitional piece for dresses during the spring while I’m waiting for the humid summer temperatures to arrive.

3:45 p.m.: It’s not a trip to Soho without checking out Topshop. I remember when Kate Moss graced New York City with her supermodel presence at the store’s opening in 2009, and ever since, the store has been packed – with both enviable fashion items and shoppers alike. Seeing as it’s a Saturday, I’m fighting with the tourists, but considering I have a full afternoon, I’m hardly in a rush. As soon as I walk in, I’m inundated with endless chambray options, and I make a mental note to remember to work the button down version I already own into more spring looks this season.

4:45 p.m.: With my arms laden down with trendy essentials, I make my way into the dressing room. There are a few pieces that I’m trying on just for the fun of it – a one-piece floral romper with a cutout feature in the back, a lace crop top with short sleeves that just screams music festivals, and a sweater with crystal accents on the shoulders. Even though I walked out of the dressing room empty handed, I somehow take a swing through the jewelry section and quickly make my way to the cash register with an adorable yellow and crystal necklace in hand.

5 p.m. I don’t usually shop at Bloomingdale’s, but since I’m in the area, I figured I would stop by. I’m immediately drawn to an outfit the BCBG stylists put together – a leather vest with peplum accents paired with a bright yellow long flowing skirt. Then I remembered that even though I’m supermodel height in my head, in reality, I’m only 5’1” and that look just wont work for me. Sadly I walk away, but not before I swoon for a second and snap a quick picture. Though I don’t end up buying anything in Bloomies, I do try on a beige leather jacket that’s buttery soft and has the most perfect folded lapels.

6 p.m.: Before I call it a day, I stop into Starbucks to indulge in an afternoon tea for a little pick me up while I call my mom to fill her in on my findings. She loves to hear what the latest trends are so she can be ahead of everyone else at home in Baltimore.

7 p.m. Just as I thought, I have time to make a quick drive by at my apartment to drop off my shopping bags, but no time to switch outfits before dinner. I’m glad I thought ahead for an outfit that would work from day to night. When in doubt, opt for bolder shoes and fitted basis! With that reminder, I’m officially super excited for the weather to warm up so I can slip on those strappy teal shoes from Zara!

7:15 p.m.: I do a quick makeup touchup, add a spritz of perfume, switch out my purse for a smaller clutch and head out the door to meet my friends for dinner at my new favorite restaurant in my neighborhood, L’Apicio. Armed with photos of my purchases, of course!