Day In the Life: SON JUNG WAN

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Son Jung Wan, who will show her Fall 2014 collection today, caught up with us before Fashion Week to share her daily routine. Here's how the designer spends her time leading up to Fashion Week:

12:00 AM

I just arrived in New York. My internal clock is always off when I make the journey from South Korea because there is a 14 hour time difference. But I must try to get some rest because I have a busy day ahead!

9:30 AM

I grab a quick breakfast at Balthazar with my sister and CEO Soon Hye & head to my NYC studio in the Meatpacking District. We start the day off with Deborah Watson, the stylist for the show. We compare notes with the design team and then Deborah and I spend the next few hours putting looks together and choosing accessories for the show. I love her ‘eye’ and trust her completely.

12:00 PM

Our casting director, Chad Thompson, and his team arrive for model castings. They always choose the most stunning girls. (And they all have such long, beautiful legs!)

1:00 PM

Our DJ, Laurent V, stops by for us to listen to music for the show. I never like the show music to have songs with lyrics because I feel like it takes away attention from the clothing. We are listening to the instrumentals from all types of tunes, from K pop to Pharrell's "Happy", to see which will be the best mix this season.

3:00 PM

Adrienne Bailon from The Real stops by for a fitting of the outfit she’s going to wear on Saturday. She is really sweet and also has a fun, spunky personality.

5:00 PM

The head of our US operations and a representative from our PR office stop by so we can discuss seating. We have amazing people coming to the show again this season!

6:00 PM

My sister and I pop out for a quick bite to eat at Spice Market and then stop by Jeffrey’s around the corner to see what's new. I have to visit all of the shops while I'm in NY. Bergdorf's is my favorite but I will have to wait until after the show on Saturday before I make it uptown.

8:00 PM

We return to the studio and Laurent from Prive Salon & Miyako Okamoto from Shiseido are arriving for the beauty test. The hair and makeup always brings everything together and completes the look of the show.

10:00 PM

It has been a very productive day and I am finally headed to my NYC apartment in SoHo to take a long hot bath and get some rest. I still have a few days until the show and lots more to do tomorrow.