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GLAM CHECKED IN With designer Jason Wu in the week’s leading up to his Spring 2011 show to get the scoop on his hectic schedule. Here, Wu shares his day with Glam.

8:00 AM

I wake up and check my phone while I’m still in bed. This morning I’ve been working a lot with Paris and Italy so I’ve got up even earlier to check to see what’s coming in fabric and my accessories. Last night I went to bed around 2am which is pretty normal for me so I basically don’t sleep.

8:15 AM

I get up and feed my cats Peaches and Jinxy. I have two. If I get three then I’m a cat lady. I’m safe!

8:30 AM

Take a shower and get dressed. At this point I’ve checked my email five times

9:00 AM

I get a cab and I go to work. It takes me 7 minutes to get to work generally. I take a cab to work every day and always check first to see if they take credit cards. I have a daily battle with cab driver over whether or not the card machine is working. I’m always antsy and just want to get to work.

11:00 AM

I stop at Starbucks on 35th and 7th to get a venti vanilla skinny late. It’s so busy at that corner. Its one of the two I will have today. No breakfast! I’m about to do the Blueprint cleanse on Friday and Saturday and since I don’t have time to eat anyway its good to do it then to stay hydrated. I do the cleanse 1-2 days a week when it’s crunch time.I don’t remember to eat all the time so the juice is nutritious. I do it two days a week. I’ve been working Saturday and Sunday for the past two weeks. I run so much on adrenaline so sleep and food doesn’t really matter to me. It’s the pure excitement of gearing up!