Day in the Life: theBalm Founder and CEO Marissa Shipman

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Marissa Shipman is one busy CEO. The makeup maven, pug lover, and mother of two started theBalm Cosmetics ten years ago in San Francisco and now sells in nearly 60 countries with over 180 sku’s between haircare, nail polish, skincare, and color cosmetics. We're overwhelmed just thinking about it! On top of it all, theBalm just opened their first brick and mortar store in San Francisco’s Mission District--needless to say our Glam west coast editors were just a little excited about having the flagship in their own backyard. Ok, a lot excited! Find out what a day in the life is like for this beauty brand founder who is constantly on the go:

5:45 AM

Rise and shine, time to get a jump on the day. I responded to emails received throughout the night.

6:30 AM

At the stove making hot breakfast for the minis, and trying to get them to eat (and not play with) it, always a challenge!.

7:00 AM

Got the kids dressed for school.

7:30 AM

Drop the children at school

7:45 AM

Nanny came to the house to help with the children in the afternoon.

8:00 AM

Let my Pilates trainer kick my butt for an hour.

9:00 AM

Strategizing with my product development team for 2015. Made a decaf coffee from my Miele machine…trying to switch from regular milk to almond milk, but its just not the same. Fail.

9:45 AM

Got on a Skype call with my father (my CFO) to discuss a kit being created for the EU.

10:00 AM

Spoke to my Alameda office regarding deadlines, new orders and inventory to make sure everything is going smoothly. Worked with Graphic Design team to create planograms for displays in various retailers.

11:15 AM

Ate a steamed artichoke with aioli while talking to my staff about upcoming trainings.

12:00 PM

My youngest came home and informed me that I am the “best mommy ever” and asked me for a piece of gum during a conference call with a vendor.

12:30 PM

Worked with my social media coordinator to come up with copy for upcoming makeup classes and a charity flash sale that were having this Friday.

1:30 PM

Spoke with my Lead Graphic Designer to discuss a concept for a new palette.

2:00 PM

Not happy with the results of stability testing for a new formula in development. Spoke with the lab about concerns and reformulation.

3:00 PM

Called sister about international accounts and chit chatted about upcoming visit.

3:15 PM

Picked up the oldest from the bus stop.

3:45 PM

Checked in with my new store manager to make sure they are well-stocked and prepared for the week.

5:30 PM

Dinner with kids.

6:30 PM

Husband gets home, and we have family story time.

7:00 PM

Kids go to bed. I take a shower (finally!)

8:00 PM

Check on last emails.

8:30 PM

Time to unwind with my husband- started with the Bachelor, but got nixed, so I paused this and we watched Millionaire Matchmaker and Shahs of Sunset (love Bravo). Some late night iPad scrabble finally puts me to sleep, hopefully until 5 or 6 tomorrow.