Day in the Life: Valentina Zelyaeva, Model and Wellness Blogger

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Glam checked in with model and health and wellness blogger Valentina Zelyaeva during her visit to Cannes Film Festival 2014 to get the scoop on what a day is like at this star-studded fest.

9:00 AM

Woke up to a gloomy day so I let myself sleep in just a bit this morning. I thought I left the rain behind in New York!

9:15 AM

With the weather being so unpredictable, I’ve decided to keep my day outfit very casual today with some jeans and a light jacket in case it rains.

9:45 AM

I became very conscious of healthy living for several years ago. I’ve noticed a difference in my body, energy level, and skin. I like to start my day experimenting with fruit and veggie smoothies. This morning, I enjoyed the views of French Riviera while sipping on simple smoothie combination of banana and apples.

10:30 AM

Going to tackle the day (and weather) head on to do some sightseeing and go to my fitting at the Ralph Lauren store for tonight’s Chopard’s Backstage Cinema Party. They always have so many amazing options but it varies from store to store, so I’m excited to see what I’ll find here in Cannes!

11:30 AM

Tonight’s dress code is black and white with diamonds so once I got to the store, I tried on several options including a black gown and a white suit.

1:00 PM

I had some fun for a couple of hours, but the best and worst part is having to choose one look for the night. I decided to switch it up a little bit and wear the white suit. I’m in a sophisticated and sexy mood.

1:30 PM

Now that I have my outfit ready for this evening, I am going to do some more sightseeing and have a nice relaxing lunch at Hotel Martinez with my friends.

2:30 PM

I like people watching in Cannes. I took a stroll down the croisette and enjoyed seeing the mix of peoples - some were dressed in full on gowns while others wore their bikinis.

4:00 PM

Returned to the yacht to start getting ready for this evening’s event. Looked through my accessories options to find accessories to keep in the “black and white” theme and settled on a pair of black pumps and black clutch with simple diamond studs.

4:30 PM

My glam squad arrives at the yacht – let the transformation begin!

4:45 PM

After discussing my outfit with my hair and makeup artists, we decided that I will be wearing my hair straight and sleek with a deep side part. For makeup, we decided to go with a natural look and bold lip.

6:30 PM

I’m all set with hair and makeup and now all I have left to do is put on my white suit. It’s perfectly elegant for this event in an unexpected way.

7:00 PM

Now that I am all set I went to check up on my friend Natasha Poly and see if she is all ready.

7:30 PM

 After one last little makeup touch-up, we are off to the party. It’s being held outside of Cannes at Mandelieu Airport. Can’t wait to see how they are going to transform it!

8:00 PM

Arrived at the event and did the red carpet, or in this case, a black carpet. The place was stunning and designed around an airplane that was the focal point of the room.

9:00 PM

The food is delicious and the champagne is flowing. Everyone is having such a great time!

9:30 PM

 Fashion show starts. All the models wore exquisite gowns complimented by Chopard jewels.

11:30 PM

Dance time!

1:00 AM

On my way back to the yacht after a very fun evening of dancing and catching up with some of my friends that I haven’t seen in a while. Goodnight Cannes!