Day in the Life: Valis’ Whirlwind Beauty Blitz with Artistry

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If you took a look at my Instagram feed you’re probably still reeling from my one night in Grand Rapids. The reason? Artistry has just released its newest anti-aging phenomenon, Youth Xtend. To celebrate the collection’s inaugural product, Youth Xtend Serum Concentrate, the brand brought a select group of editors out to Artistry’s headquarters in Michigan to get a behind-the-scenes look at what went into crafting the new skincare collection.

3:30 PM

After a morning of keeping up with the news of the day, my car has arrived to take me from the city all the way to Teterboro Airport, which FYI also happens to be near home.

4:30 PM

We arrive at the small airport that I drive past all the time – I never thought I would be on this side of the fence! No TSA, no baggage claim, no problem, and we all board two charted private jets to Grand Rapids with the Aristry Team. On board, we all marveled at the comfy and roomy seats, the spread of snacks, and even the immaculate bathroom. And yes we took pictures of everything!


Landing at Amway’s private hanger, we hopped onto a party bus to check into the JW Marriott. Our jaws dropped at the gorgeous view of the river as well as the beautiful bathtub. When you live on the East Coast, a bathtub is a true luxury! To introduce us to the new line, the Artistry team had baby bottle versions of the Youth Xtend line for us to play with.


After freshening up, we all boarded the bus to dine at the home/ranch of Candace Matthews, Amway’s Chief Marketing Officer. Our jaws were on the floor as we took in the amount of space, greenery, and animals she had in close proximity. She had 3 horses, one miniature horse, one alpaca, 2 goats, at least 10 sheep, 2 cats, and countless chickens all on a few acres. We dined on a delicious menu while chatting with some of Amway’s officers, including Maud Pansing, Global VP of Beauty.


I didn’t care how tired I was once we returned to the hotel for the evening. I stayed up well past my bedtime to relax in a hot bath and test-drive the Youth Xtend Collection for myself.


It was difficult to get up on time (my bed was so comfy!), but I managed to meet with the Artistry team to receive a facial using the new collection as well as the Miss America favorite Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel that literally left us all glowing! After a quick makeup application, a bite of breakfast, and a selfie or two, we boarded the bus to head to Amway’s headquarters.


We sat down for a deep dive on Artistry’s revamp from Pansing where we learned about Amway’s blend of beauty and nutrition, which helps to feed Artistry's biggest innovations as it is always moving forward. The forward thinking is even reflected in the new packaging of the collection, which is formulated with LifeSirt, an extract of the Mediterranean myrtle plant that nourishes skin cells for a younger, more radiant look. It also contains Micro-X6 Peptides and African Baobab (aka the Tree of Life) to repair past damage and protect against free radicals for beauty buffs in their 20s to keep skin lifted and firm for as long as possible.


We broke for lunch, which incorporated some of the key ingredients in the new skincare staples like black current and cherries. Yum!


We were then taken on a tour of Amway R&D’s labs to understand every aspect of what went into the final product. We started by checking out the brand’s F.A.C.E.S. technology, which takes an image of a person’s face and analyzes problems like wrinkles, sun damage, hydration, and more to recommend products to use to remedy them. With thousands of face scans at their disposal, it helped the brand to zero in at the start of aging in your mid-to-late 20s. We then got the chance to mix pigments for the line’s upcoming foundation and learned about the importance of skin undertones. We also took a look at how the bottles transformed over time until they reach your door. As much as we talk about various extracts, we had no idea how they were pulled! We found that the material itself is ground down to a fine powder first before getting mixed with a solution to wash away the excess and then dried down to ensure easy access to the extract. It’s then tested against skin cells to see how they react and developed further for compatibility with other ingredients.


After the tour, we took a trip down to docks to soak up a little more of the Michigan sun (safely) on a yacht. Though the engine wasn’t working well enough to venture out, we were all happy to just enjoy the scenery.


We then headed into town for dinner at Butch’s, right at the center of Holland, Michigan. As we dined, we watched as the street filled with performers, people, and even a pedal-powered beer cart (which needs to make its way to the Big Apple soon!) The brand made sure that we were able to put Youth Xtend through its paces by providing us with the full range.


It was time again to hop back on the private jets to head home, but truthfully we weren’t ready. We were having so much fun! We couldn’t help but gush about how we would be spoiled from ever flying commercial again between bites of the softest pretzels we’d ever had and chocolate covered strawberries (we know!). It was hard to say good-bye to the Artistry team – we wanted to go back with them – but I went home to take in everything that happened on my whirlwind adventure!

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