Deborah Lippman’s New Girls-Inspired Glazes


Fans of the HBO hit Girls have something to celebrate as we eagerly await the new season in January. It has finally been confirmed that Deborah Lippmann will release a Girls-inspired collection of polishes! The four-piece collection features shades that are meant to represent each of our favorite ladies we came to love and relate to: a soft violet (Shoshanna), a creamy hunter green (Hannah), a natural pink (Marnie), and a pure burgundy (Jessa). Needless to say, we know what channel Lippmann tunes into on Sunday nights as the nail polish queen developed a lacquer and lipstick combo inspired by HBO’s True Blood earlier this year. We’re already on pins and needles to grab these gorgeous glazes to apply while we watch the season premiere on January 13!

Available for pre-order now at for $45.