Deck the Paws: 10 Holiday Treats for Your Furry Friends


Animal adorers know how quickly pets become a part of the family, so including them in the holiday festivities is simply a given. Add them to your seasonal gift list! We’ve picked the paw-fect treats for all your four-legged loves.

1. Holiday Treats
The holidays call for special spoiling—which means cookies for us and our pups. Pet parents just can’t go wrong when they come home with a bag of delicious treats for their pooch.

2. Whimzees™ Holiday Tin
This festive tin of natural dog chews from Whimzees™ is designed to keep canines happy and healthy. Pups have yet to pick up on the fact that these tartar- and plaque-preventing treats are both vegetarian and gluten-free. Or, if they have, they sure don’t seem to mind. Holiday Tin available in-store only.

3. Petlinks System™ Wild Thing Electronic Motion Cat Toy
If you plan to give your feline friend some special holiday snacks, be sure to balance them out with extra physical activity during playtime. This snazzy spinning toy will encourage your cat to channel her natural instincts to chase, pounce, and leap. Shop interactive cat toys.

4. Holiday Argyle Dog Sweater 
Bundle up your pup in proper sweater-weather attire with an argyle pullover. Not only will he look cute, but he’ll also stay comfy and cozy in this stretchy little piece, which comes in multiple sizes. And, of course, Fido’s festive fashion will fit right in to the holiday décor with its seasonally appropriate coloring. Lookin’ good, dog. Shop holiday apparel.

5.PetPals™ Group Cabana Cat Condo
Here’s one for the felines! Revamp your cat’s real estate this year with a cool cabana. Made of thick woven rope, the easily transportable cat pad provides the perfect hideaway to keep your kitty feeling warm and secure.

6. Harmony™ Accent Table Cat Scratcher
A new scratching post will make your cat’s holiday season purrrfect. This one boasts a slew of assets: easy assembly, Sisal-wrapped legs and scratchers that offer a variety of scratching surfaces, and a refillable top cardboard portion. Even Santa’s workshop couldn’t come up with something so feline friendly.

7. Holiday Tennis Ball Tug
Play a festive game of fetch this season with this red-and-white-striped tennis ball tug toy. In fact, it’s the only candy-cane confection that's appropriate for your dog. Shop holiday toys.

8. Holiday Gift Box With Rope Dog Toy
Add some seasonally appropriate toys to your four-legged friend’s playtime. With a rope handle to tug on and a stuffed section to chew on, this toy will keep dogs occupied throughout the holidays. Shop holiday toys.

9.You and Me™ Holiday Plaid Paw Stocking
Every member of the family has a stocking strung by the fireplace, so why shouldn't your pet, too? This very special stocking for your four-legged friend is adorned with a plaid paw print pattern. If he’s good, perhaps it will be full of treats come Christmas morning.

10. Brinkmann™ Pet Gusset Bed
Give the gift of luxury to your dog by snagging her a big new bed to call home. We humans know how amazing a new mattress feels; why not pamper your pooch the same way? Available in-store only. Shop dog beds.