Decor and Design: Count Your Carpet Options


Home-makeover mavens and interior-decorating newbies, whatever your design expertise level may be, here’s one thing to know: Not all carpets are created equal. If your cold feet are over hardware and stone floors, wall-to-wall softness just may be the update your home needs. But it’s vital to become familiar with the options and opportunities available to you first.

Pick Your Priorities
This is the part where you think about what you hope to gain from your carpet. Are you looking for a warmer room? Do you need to be worried about stains? Will your carpet be getting a lot of traffic, or is it more just for show? These are all things to consider before choosing what type of carpet you’ll be installing and from which provider—factors just as important as the color and pattern. For example, high-impact areas may need something tough but still soft. Soft Spring carpets provide two times the fiber per strand of ordinary carpets for superior durability. This strength also keeps the fibers from matting and crushing underfoot.

Find Your Look
After you’ve nailed down what decor and lifestyle characteristics you’d like your carpet to have, it’s time to pick the type that will best provide those elements. Textured carpet is a great choice for high-traffic areas. The smooth surface of the pile gives a space a traditional look. Twist, or frieze, carpet is casual, stylish, and durable and lends rooms a modern, updated look. Loop carpet, also known as Berber, is great for more active rooms because it provides maximum durability. Or you can choose a patterned carpet for the ultimate visual impact. Also referred to as cut-and-loop or sculpted, these carpet designs are sure to set any room apart.

Solidify Satisfactory Installation
Once you’ve chosen your carpet, it’s time to put it in your home. No one can match Home Depot’s comprehensive installation and warranty services—the nine-of-10 overall customer-satisfaction rating on installation service is unbeatable. Imagine quick, lifetime-warranteed carpet installation as well as customizable pricing that allows you to choose which services you’d like your carpet to come with. Check the customer reviews at to read for yourself about these real-life experiences.