Decorating Tricks and Delicious Treats From Halloween’s Past

MY FRIENDS MICHELLE AND DAVID HOST THE BEST PARTIES. She designs Brides Made in Manhattan, a line of stunning accessories for brides and he runs Lucky Lefty Art, where he specialized in pop art portraits of famous athletes, so when they come together to host a bash, there is no shortage of creativity. Last year they turned their Upper West Side apartment into a DIY admirer's dream complete with tricked out decor and adorable treats.

From the minute Michelle opened the door in her handmade Black Swan costume (the year before she was a human piñata), it was clear this wouldn't be your basic pumpkin filled bash. A “trick or treat” banner hung across the fireplace, while they cleverly used a skeleton cutout to cover the face of a model in a vintage poster. The dessert table was even more impressive. Chocolate covered strawberry ghosts were plated alongside tombstone brownies and Jack O' Lantern cookies. The spiked punch was pretty spectacular too!

Here are a few easy tricks you can try to add a bit of spooky style to your Halloween soiree:

1. Work with what you have:
Transform your everyday objects into ghostly decor. Cut out skeletons and spider webs and tape them over posters and pictures. Fill old vases with thematic candy like candy corn and black and orange jelly beans for edible arrangements your guests will enjoy.

2. Create Semi-Home Made Desserts:
Betty Crocker Brownie Mix makes the perfect base for graveyard inspired goodies. Simply follow the recipe instructions and once the brownies have cooled, cut them into tombstone shapes and use white icing to write R.I.P. and green icing to create a bit of grass. For pumpkin cookies, Pillsbury Ready to Bake works just fine. Most circles come out looking like gords anyways. Once they're ready to ice, cover them in orange icing with green stems; use chocolate chips to create the eyes, nose, and mouth.

3. Embrace The Printer:
You don't need to be an artist to create your own decorations. Printables can be your best friend. Find the designs you like online and then do a bit of arts and crafts with scissors, ribbon, and tape and your banners and signs will be far better than the store bought versions that abound this time of year.

Happy Anniversary Michelle & Dave! Keep up the creativity–you inspire me always. And no, this is not to guilt you into hosting your annual fête.