Demi Lovato Crafts Creative Nail Kits with The New Black


We’ve marveled at her immaculate manis, and now we’ll be able to capture Demi Lovato’s creative nail cues from the comfort of home.

The X Factor and her currently blue hair has collaborated with her favorite nail brand The New Black on a collection of three- and five-piece nail kits that pull Lovato’s penchant for unique color combos, sparkles, and studs that will hit Ulta stores in November.

The nail authority has worked with the pop star for a year, regularly sharing the creations on Twitter and Instagram, and seemed like the next step in her growing relationship with the brand. “It is fun to able to create your own look down to your nails,” she explained to Women's Wear Daily. “I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my nails, although you can’t always tell. I want to put something cool on my nails that express who I am and what I’m feeling.”

It might be just the start of Lovato’s foray into beauty with potential for more partnerships, but for now, she’s keeping her focus on keeping everyone’s tips and toes #ManiMonday ready. “If you have badass nails you are going to show them on Twitter,” she said. When I have cool, awesome nails, I want everyone to see.”