Denise Richards Talks TV and Tyler Perry

Denise Richards will be making her return to theaters tomorrow in Tyler Perry's Madea’s Witness Protection as the wife of an investment banker accused of running a mob-backed Ponzi scheme who have to be relocated. Glam chatted with the actress about the differences in working with Tyler Perry, bringing blended families together, and a possible move back to the small screen.

How was your experience filming and how did you handle your character’s predicament?
I had a ball doing it. We had so much fun. Tyler Perry is a dream to work with, [and] I really was excited to work with him. I think he’s a comic genius and an incredible actor and director – he wrote it, directed it, and played three characters. It’s such a light, fun comedy that it was a fun environment on set. But I think as far as the character, [Kate Needleman], it was easy for me to relate to as a mom and a character who’s very supportive of her husband, and the family was a blended family that I think a lot of families are nowadays, unfortunately, from divorce. And I like the arc that the character and the family take during the film. And with Tyler’s movies, I think that he always has a nice, positive message and this one does as well.

Was there a difference between Tyler as a director and as a character?
Oh, yeah! He would be acting as Madea, crazy and all over the place, and then yell, “Cut,” and then he’s Tyler, very focused and professional and knows what he needs to get done for the day. But I liked watching that, I liked watching him go back and forth.

We know you’re doing a guest spot on TV soon. Will we be seeing you more on the small screen this fall?
I just did one episode of Charlie’s show [“Anger Management”], so he asked me to do it. They shot a ten-episode pilot, and we thought it would be fun, and so I wanted to do it. And I’m excited for him and the show.

Catch Tyler Perry's Madea’s Witness Protection in theaters tomorrow.