Derek Lam’s Estee Lauder Collection Keeps Beauty Simple and Chic


There are mere weeks until Derek Lam’s Estée Lauder collection hits counters, and we’re finally getting more details about the glam goodies. Lam and the beauty brand’s creative makeup director, Tom Pecheux chatted with about the collaboration. Lam and Pecheux have worked together ever since the designer's first runway show back in 2004, which made it simple for both to stay on the same page throughout the process. The makeup maestro likened Lam’s aesthetic to his skill in the kitchen. “He doesn’t like to mix too many things,” he told the site. “The flavors are very simple—he always starts with the quality of the ingredient.”

The result was a modern woman’s makeup wardrobe: a simple yet chic compilation that crafted the three natural beauty looks for the designer’s spring 2014 show, including a gold cream shadow, black mascara, tawny liquid lipstick, shimmery champagne gloss, and the favorite between the two, a navy kajal eyeliner. “That’s again one of those things that we both share,” Lam shared. “I love navy for evening clothes. I just think it’s so flattering and welcoming. It’s also very understated, and in that way, [navy is] a little bit subversive. It’s got an unexpected quality.” Pecheux added, “The navy blue pencil is going to be your best friend, or your worst enemy, because it’s so stable it can be tough to take off!”

The collection is housed in a vibrant blue coffret clutch that reminded Pecheux of classic cigarette cases and is sure to be a fave for the glam girl to easily transition from day to night. “I thought the cigarette holder was really chic,” he said. Lam loved how the clutch tied the collection in a glamorous bow. “I always think [about] adding an element of glamour,” he explained. “She could have [this] little clutch in her tote or in her bag during the day…then [take it out] for the evening. I think that shows the romantic quality and how we view the collection [being incorporated] into a woman’s life.”

We can’t wait to incorporate the collaboration into our regular beauty routine!