Designer Musical Chairs: Marco Zanini to Schiaparelli, Alessandro Dell’Acqua to Rochas


It's been a major year for role changes and designer moves. However, the musical chair situation isn't complete quite yet.

During the Spring 2014 show for Rochas, it was announced that Marco Zanini would be leaving his role and heading to Schiaparelli, filling the void which was empty for a period of time. On the flip side, Alessandro Dell'Acqua is set to take Zanini's place as the Creative Director of Rochas.

“As an iconic French maison, Rochas has been an endless source of inspiration for me,” said Zanini. “I learned a lot over the past five years and I feel fortunate to have been part of such a wonderful adventure.”

Rumors of Zanini's transition to Schiaparellihave been swirling ever since April. As a designer who's known for his ability to injecting life into brands, his move to the storied house would make perfect sense. With his final showing for Rochas in Paris, we're looking forward to seeing the transition and revitalization of Schiaparelli.

When it comes to the changing of guard at Rochas, Dell'Acqua is looking forward to working with the historical sentiment put in place by his predecessors. “Rochas is synonymous with French sophistication and a couture spirit, and as a designer I could not ask for anything more inspiring,” said Dell'Acqua. “Working for a maison with such a historical heritage is a rare opportunity and I feel grateful it was given to me.”