Designers and Celebrities Relive Memories Scattered at Bergdorf Goodman


To be able to afford anything at Bergdorf Goodman is to be able to buy into an aspirational dream. We took a moment to chat with some of fashion's favorite influencers, thanks to Grey Goose Vodka and Cinema Society, at the premiere of Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's, a whimsical look at the legendary department store. Glam asked fashion favorites the important question—what their first purchase at the department store was. Not surprisingly, most answers revolved around shoes.

The holiday windows attracted the director, Matthew Miele, to the store. “They were Christmas-y without a Santa and that intrigued me. And then I met Linda Fargo and Betty Halbreich and I knew I had a story–they're were characters behind the windows,” he said. Though his talented created the film, his wife, Sara Gore is credited with making his first purchase at the store. As it turns out, she bought his the tie he wore to the premiere! Carson Kressley'sfavorite thing to shop for at Bergdorf? “Oh, everything,” he laughed. “Some times I don't even buy anything, I just walk around!”

Pat Cleveland shares the same sentiment, saying “I shop there all the time,” she told “My first time was buying my mom a present for Mother's Day when I was a small child.” Linda Fargo, senior vice president of the fashion office and store presentation (who admitted being mistaken for Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour in the film), recalls her first purchase as if it were a child. “No one's ever asked me that,” she said when prompted for her first purchase. “Shoes, Alaia. I still have them,” she said before being ushered into the audience of Tommy Hilfiger, daughter, Ally, Nanette Leopore, Vera Wang, Christian Siriano, Fern Mallis, Rick, Kathy and Nikki Hilton.