Designing and Decorating a Small Space

Living in a city is wonderful. There's so much to do, places to see, and lots of neighborhoods to explore. But the one thing that most cities lack… is living space. That’s where interior architect and designer, Paul Schulman of Paul Schulman Design comes in. Here are his three tips for designing and decorating a small space:

#1: Simplify
Make the spaces as simple as possible. If there is cabinetry or shelving, make everything line up as much as possible, so the space feels more architectural. Simplifying the structure of the room will make the space feel more organized and less cluttered. Same goes with decorating, less is more in small spaces. Trying to do too much makes the space feel busy.

#2: Hide
Store things away. Paul recommends having doors that close in the chaos or a storage trunk as a side or coffee table. Hiding goes hand and hand with simplicity, the less unnecessary stuff, the more focus on the function of the space.

#3: Understand the Scale of the Space
The size of the space drives the decisions about what kinds of things you really need. For example, if you are working with a small living room, don’t get a sofa with large rolled arms. They do nothing to add function or comfort.