Did Beyonce Lip Sync The National Anthem?


Queen Bey, rumor has it you sit on a throne of lies! A U.S. Marine Band spokeswoman said today that Beyonce did, indeed, lip sync the “Star Spangled Banner” at yesterday's inaugural ceremony. She explained that it was standard procedure to record a backing track for the artists, and that Beyonce decided shortly before her performance to not sing live.

Say it ain't so, girl! We all know you can sing, so why go with a prerecorded track? While we understand that belting out a tune in such a huge venue in the biting chill of a DC January is no easy feat, there's still something incredibly disappointing finding out that Beyonce's gorgeous rendition of the national anthem was not a live performance (nor was the musical accompaniment). Excuse us as we wallow in this letdown for a moment.