Did Kim Kardashian Cut Her Coif for Hairfinity?


Looks like Kim Kardashian cut away her (likely) damaged ends, finding a happy medium between her signature long locks and the cut of the year.

Kanye’s model and muse was spotted over the weekend in L.A. with shorter strands loaded with layers for added texture. Though some suspect she simply took out her extensions after her Miami opening of Dash, the difference is definitely noticeable as her tresses now just graze her collarbone. Another factor might be a new snap on her Instagram, featuring the reality star posing with a few bottles of Hairfinity, a nutritional supplement to increase hair growth rates. New endorsement deal, perhaps?

Kardashian started the year off by reverting back to her signature chocolate strands after becoming a blonde for a few months. It’s easy to surmise she might’ve become bored of the look, opting for the chop. What do you think of her look?