Did Phillip Lim Create a Pashli Satchel for Target?


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Big news! An ad for the highly anticipated 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection has surfaced online thanks to fashion blogger Fashion Foie Gras who Instagrammed a picture of it; she spotted the campaign while reading the September issue Vanity Fair.

Here’s the best part though. The ad features a very familiar handbag, the blogger-fave Pashli Satchel, toned down and get this, priced at an extremely wallet-friendly price of $35.

Ladies, things could get ugly. If you thought the Alexander Wang High Line fiasco was a hot mess, get ready because Target collections are known to get pretty cray.

We’re ready for you, September 15th (it's already marked in our calendars). See you at the checkout with our Target Pashlis! Is it too soon to make 'Tashli' happen?