Dierks Bentley Brings Country to the Big Apple


Irving Plaza has been a second home for me, some of my favorite acts, including The Maine and Lana del Rey, have held court at the venerable venue. I’ve moshed, stood barricade, and even had crowd surfers dropped on my head at these shows, so you can imagine my surprise when we realized that country hunk Dierks Bentley would take the stage for the Bud Light 50/50/1 concert.

The show was one of 50 shows played all across the U.S. with major acts like Metric, Kendrick Lamar, and Miguel who played for an audience in each state in partnership with the brew company, Live Nation, and Myspace, allowing fellow Glam gal, Channing Hargrove and I entry to the show.

Last night we were swept up in a sea of cowboy boots, hats, and cans of Bud Light as we walked into the venue – a rare site for a pair of beauty and fashion-focused city girls. Grabbing our own of beers, we settled in to listen to Chris Stapleton get the night started with “Your Man.” He then brought out his wife Morgan to sing harmony for tunes like “Gentleman’s Wife” as well as a cover of Darius Rucker’s “Come Back Song.” He added an homage to the blues, the predecessor of not just country but rock ‘n’ roll in general, with an acapella rendition of “Sometime I Cry” to close out his set.

There was a roar from the crowd as Bentley stepped on-stage with his guitar strapped on – we had not expected this much fanfare! We also didn’t expect to find out that Will Ferrell was in the crowd and that he goes to every show when Bentley is in town.

He immediately kicked in “Am I the Only One,” getting the crowd going (no moshing here) but playing right into “5-1-5-0.” In the middle of “Lot of Leavin’ Left to Do,” he pulled a fan from the crowd who wore an Alabama t-shirt in the big city. He even handed her the guitar and she pretended to play during the instrumental breakdown. He slowed things down with “Settle for a Slowdown,” “Come a Little Closer,” and even brought Stapleton back to sing along with him for “Fall for You.” He tipped his hat to our troops with “Home,” and paid tribute to his father by playing his upcoming single “I Hold On.” Like Gavin DeGraw, Bentley climbed down to the front row during “How Am I Doin’” to shake hands with his fans who raised their Bud Light cans in the air and sang along to every word into the night.

Missed the show? You can check out what you missed at MySpace.com.