Diesel Black Gold Models Cut it Short


Above the thumping bass that kept models in step and had the room shaking, there was quite a bit of yelling going on at the Diesel Black Gold fall 2014 show. It most definitely wasn't in disapproval over the clothing: the space themed collection of reflective fur lined parkas, metal plated mirrored skirts, sleek pants, and futuristic mini frocks kept the audience, including Coco Rocha, enchanted. Rather, the unrest was coming from the photographers huddled together at the end of the runway.

It seemed they weren't getting the shots they wanted, as the shouts would occur as the models turned, many of them surprisingly early, to walk back up the runway. The Skylight at Moynihan Station on Tuesday was already jammed pack, and the quickly moving models were making it hard to get a good glimpse of them. Could that have been what the frustration was about? Or had a rogue photographer made it into the pit? Or one that decided to step out in the front? Usually the noise subsides by the start of the show, but not this time.

Whatever the reason, the shouts gave the show even more of a rock 'n roll vibe than the ever edgy Diesel had gone for, so good on you photographers! What do you think was the reason behind the unrest?