Digitally Customize Your Denim With INDi

Perhaps they fit great at the hip but gap at the waist, and wearing a belt only creates a weird bulge or maybe they cause an unflattering muffin top. Every woman has her denim gripes. Some of us are way to hippy to squeeze into our skinnies without the “lie flat on my back and zip” routine, others lack any curves at all. We all have our own issues when it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans. A gal's relationship with denim can range from delightful to dreadful, and oftentimes involves a day-long hunt from boutique to department store and back. But what if you could cut out all the guesswork and eliminate those endless jean jaunts and create a custom pair instead?

INDi, a company “at the intersection of technology and fashion,” is a leading force in the custom clothing breakthrough. The denim brand gives consumers 100% control over how much, or how little, of INDi's premium styles they want to alter and tweak. The online denim portal lets women choose from five different cuts — there are three options available for men — and start designing. From there, you can select the wash — from crisp white to dark denim with a few whiskers and fades in between — and choose what you want to change among stitching, rise, zipper type, leg opening style, pocket shape, special embroidery, and personalization. Then, you'll answer 17 different questions about your measurements, and how jeans normally fit, or don't fit, your body type, to ensure that your INDi pair is truly tailored to your frame. And viola! Your order is complete. From there, your design is digitally delivered to INDi's manufacturing facility where it will pass through 18 denim doyens for cutting, sewing, washing, and finishing, before they're delivered to your door. The online shopping — and design — experience offers to deliver you a superior fit at a premium price. A pair of INDi jeans starts at $170. Turning your personal computer into your very own denim atelier? Priceless.

Presidio Trouser Jean with Flare Leg, $180 | Low Rise SOMA Straight 5 Pocket Jean, $190 | High Rise Soma Flare 5 Pocket Jean, $125 | Super-Low Rise Duboce Skinny 5 Pocket Jean, $192 | Low Rise Noe Straight 5 Pocket Jean, $175