Dining in the Dark at the Fashion Ball

Imagine sitting around a table, conversing with your dinner companions while enjoying fine wine and a plate full of delights. Now imagine the exact same scenario, but in a pitch black environment.

To illustrate just how life changing blindness actually is, guests at last night's Fashion Ball: Dining in the Dark were asked to do exactly that, all to raise awareness and funds for the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Over a period of twenty five minutes, visually impaired servers guided guests, including Mary Alice Stephenson, Andy Hilfiger, and Dianne Vavra, through a test of wills in the dark: locating silverware, attempting to successfully complete a simple task such as eating dinner, and fighting the ever present desire to check cell phones. As silverware clinked against china and the crowd booed anyone who dared to check their phone, guests had the opportunity to chat with their servers, learning first hand just how difficult life without the gift of vision actually is. Though twenty five minutes in the dark only touches on the every day realities of life without sight, the short period of time proved to be exceptionally illustrious to the challenges of those who are vision impaired.