Dior Dials Up the Digital Appeal for Pre-Fall 2015


Raf Simmons took Tokyo fashionistas to Tomorrowland with a series of futuristics frocks for Dior’s Pre-Fall 2015 collection. He worked with Peter Philips to create an epic, eye-catching, graphic look to complement the out-of-this-world looks that hit the runway inside Kokugikan sumo wrestling arena.

Inspired by Blade Runner and Japanese manga, the makeup maestro etched cubic blocks above and below the irises with the upcoming Dior Diorshow Pro Liner in Pro Black. He added more emphasis to the eyes by applying jumbo-sized pieces of glitter along the top lash line, adding mascara only to the lashes inside the rectangles. “It catches the light when the eyes close, creating a pretty spectacular robotic glitter effect,” he explained. The rest of the face was kept clean, save for a little bit of Dior Skin Nude Foundation and peach or rose blush, depending on the model’s skin tone.

Guido Palau channeled Princess Leia (we’re starting to see a trend here: Rodarte, Chanel, and likely many more to come!) by creating four braids along the nape of the neck. But instead of buns, he coiled them back up to the nape to create cute loops and coined it “electric Kabuki.”

While we don’t foresee every beauty buff trying this liner look on both lash lines, the top could easily be blended to keep the focus on the center of the lid. Regardless, the force is strong with this one.

Images courtesy of Dior and Elle Russia’s Instagram.