Discover the New Wonder Woman’s Beauty Secrets


To say I’m excited for Wonder Woman to make her first silver screen appearance is an understatement – my college thesis centered on her! We jumped for joy with the announcement that former Miss. Israel (and current face of Vine Vera), Gal Gadot, would don the iconic bustier and bracelets. Though the final product won’t hit theaters until 2015, we discovered a few Gadots’s beauty musts to tide us over in the meantime.

The keep her skin looking flawless, she starts with Vine Vera’s Cabernet Collection Reveratrol High-Potency Vitamin Cream and the Resveratol Phyto-Elevating Mask. “This mask deep cleans my skin. My skin feels so refreshed and radiant after every use,” she said. She’s also a huge fan (like every beauty editor right now) of Dior’s Air Flash Spray Foundation, especially when she’s in a rush.

As for her lush brunette tresses, she turns to Kérastase’s Caviar Hair Mask to maintain her mane through shoots, junkets, and more. “With the type of work I do, it is extremely important to take care of, and maintain my hair and my skin,” she explained. “Getting my hair styled and make up done several times a week can definitely affect the health of my hair and skin!”

What’s her finishing touch? A seductive scent, of course! Expect to get a whiff of Christian Dior’s Hypnotic Poison when the new Wonder Woman walks by, as she said, “This is my signature smell; I won't go a day without using it!” It used to be my “signature scent” back in college (I was way too immature to wear it well), but it seems better suited for the gorgeous Gadot.

Looks like we have a few new items to add to our vanity before the end of the year!