Disney & Christian Louboutin Find Their Real-Life Cinderella

In honor of Disney’s release of the classic animated masterpiece “Cinderella”, Walt Disney Studios, in collaboration with Christian Louboutin and Glam Media, embarked on a national search earlier this month to find a modern-day Cinderella.

After reading over 1,800 entries, they found her! Kristyn Roberts of Virginia was chosen as the winner of a gorgeous pair of Cinderella-inspired slippers as re-imagined by Christian Louboutin (her winning entry is above).

Kristyn was flown to Disneyland where she was treated to a magical Cinderella-inspired “transformation.” After a full day of beauty and pampering, Kristyn was styled by Natalie Mark of @BlackCatStyling in an Alex Perry dress, Charlotte Lu earrings, Deepa Gurani headband, and of course, the Louboutin slippers. What a fairytale ending!