DIY Metal Rollers with Matrix

Household foil can work in many other ways besides keeping leftovers fresh. Aluminum makes a great heat conductor and, due to its flexibility, can be shaped any way we want them. So why not try crafting your own hot roller set with a sheet of foil? While plastic rollers may do the job, they run the risk of containing harmful chemicals. We got the how-to from Matrix Artistic Designer, Robert Santana, so skip the plastic and follow the steps below to snag a voluminous look minus the bulk:

Start cutting a few sheets of aluminum foil into strip four-inch wide strips and fold each sheet in half. Spray the hair with Matrix Biolage colorthérapie Shine Shake Spray and then in sections, insert hair in the center of the foil pieces and fold close. Using a 1 ½ inch curling iron, wrap the foil pieces around the barrel to create a roller shape. Gently remove the barrel and pin or clip to hold the aluminum roller in place. Complete around the head and lightly spray with Vavoom Shapemaker Hairspray to allow curls to set and cool before removing. Save the aluminum pieces to use again as you wish.