DIY Pedicure Devices You Need ASAP


IT'S JUST ABOUT TIME FOR FLIP-FLOP SEASON and right about now, ladies across the country are asking themselves the age old question—“Are my toes ready to be seen by the public?” Of course this is a highly personal, highly subjective question, as you'll notice when you head out to your favorite neighborhood park or beach. What’s sandal appropriate to some might horrify another. If beautifully manicured feet matter to you (and that goes beyond a mere polish change) then read on! These at home pedicure devices will have your feet looking perfect and feeling silky soft in no time.

  1. SpaSonic: I’m a big fan of sonic skincare devices. These spinning brushes are most often used for the face and body, but the SpaSonic goes one step beyond and offers a pumice head for those in need of smooth, callus free feet. Its battery powered and highly effective, and priced just right for those who want costly skin cleansing products in their lives but can't justify spending more than $100.
  2. Emjoi Rechargable Micro-Pedi: The Emjoi micro-pedi battery operated callus remover is a beast. Think of it as a mini battery-operated power tool for your feet. You're only supposed to use it 2 to 3 seconds at the time, while it sand blasts the dead skin off your feet into white dust. Proceed with caution and all will be fine, and you’ll be left with feet so touchably soft you’ll barely believe they’re yours. Warning—this product might be addictive. I literally had to have my husband take it away from me. The temptation to totally treat your feet can be dangerous!
  3. Conair Waterfall Footbath: Okay, so you'll never fully replicate the experience of going to a professional spa for a pedicure. It's too messy for your average living room and it's unlikely that you have a massaging chair at the ready. The whole thing about having a pedicure is that you are indulging complete luxury, so naturally the DIY pedicure can’t duplicate the overall experience. But if you use a Conair Waterfall Footbath at least your feet will be soaking in luxury at home. Add your own warm water and bubbles, and try to pretend you are at your favorite spot.

With these three DIY pedicure devices your feet will be in good shape come this summer. Thank us later!

Contributing Editor, Patrice Grell Yursik is the creator of, one of the first blogs to celebrate the beauty of natural hair and ladies of all skin tones and sizes. Affectionately called the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging, Patrice takes her readers inside unique beauty, fashion and cultural experiences.