DJ Kiss, Lily Kwong, Natalie Joos Let Out Their Inner NARSissists


First it was Orgasm that stole our hearts because it gave us that much sought-after flush, then it was Laguna that helped prolong our tans just a little bit past fall. And as those obsessions grew, we only got sucked in deeper and deeper until we finally became full-blown NARSissists.

To get us even more invested, NARS is now taking to a medium that differs from the lipsticks and shadows and multiple sticks that we’re used to seeing. They’re using film to harness the essence of the NARSissist by glimpsing into the lives of street style icons and bloggers Lily Kwong, Natalie Joos and DJ Kiss at New York City landmark hotspots.

In the short films, the fearless fashionistas reveal their unique style through each of their films, which capture parts of their day-to-day lives, but the entirety of their devotion to NARS. DJ Kiss portrays a night on the job at Mister H in the Mondrian Soho; Kwong shows how beauty plays into her daily routine from the Gramercy Park Hotel; Joos reveals her creative process to fashion and beauty from the Paramont Hotel.

To get in on all the NARS loving that’s going on with this campaign kickoff, take to Instagram and Twitter and get those glamour selfies going. All photos that use the #NARSissist hashtag will appear on the “NARS Exclusives” tab on the NARS Facebook page. Come on, give us your best bright-lipped duck face.