DKNYPRGirl is Writing a Book!


All the Internet’s a stage and DKNYPRGirl, also known as Aliza Licht, is getting a new role!

The woman behind DKNY’s hilariously prolific social presence chose to reveal her identity on social media nearly two years ago, and now, the social media maven is sharing her next big project via Instagram. She uploaded a video to the social media-sharing site of an open Word document with the cursor under blinking under the words Chapter One–she's landed a book deal!

The tome’s title has yet to be released but is set to be 75,000 words and due to her publisher by April 1st. We hope the book is filled with the insider-y deets we’ve come to know and expect from her social feeds. We wouldn’t mind learning how to own our niche in matching red lips and nails though, either.

Our bookshelf needs this, stat!