Do-It-Yourself Celebrities



Do-it-yourself gifts are a terrific way to budget around the holidays. From cards to ornaments to homemade gifts and gift-wrapping, there's no better way to add a personal touch to the holidays. We're not the only ones obsessed with DIY! Whether their favorite activity is sewing, knitting, or scrapbooking, these A-listers are admittedly into crafting:

  • Tori Spellingis one of the biggest crafters in the celebrity world. “As a lifelong crafter, I love how crafting gives you the opportunity to really express yourself and show your creativity. It's an amazing outlet and nothing shows love more than something homemade.”
  • Hilary Duff showed off her now-famous 'sewing room' on the TV show My Celebrity Home back in 2006. Since then, Duff's collaborated with craft supply store Michael's to launch her own line of craft accessories.
  • Jessica Alba loves to craft. She strives to live green and even incorporates this into her crafting by using recycled materials when possible. Alba also co-created the website and wrote a book about her green lifestyle.
  • Lauren Conrad shared a photo on Instagram of a scarf she was knitting for boyfriend William Tell, she said, “I make scarves for everybody, it's like a new addiction of mine. All I know how to do is make a scarf, but I really enjoy knitting so I can't like give those things away. I keep making people wear them and nobody even really wants them anymore!”
  • Julia Roberts likes to spend the long hours between acting scenes involved in her favorite pursuit, knitting. Julia tells “It's just great to make things…to have a pile of yarn and make it into something.”
  • Heidi Klumrecently shared her artistic insight that she glued the remaining pieces of her sons’ afros to paintings in hopes of creating 3D images. “So two of my boys, they have big afros, and when I shaved them all down, I kept all the hair and I put it in a Ziploc bag. It was so beautiful, this whole bag of afro: one for Henry, one for Johan. The next time they painted their faces, I glued all their hair around it, so it was like this three-dimensional painting. ”Rosie O'Donnell's book titled Crafty U: 100 Easy Projects the Whole Family Can Enjoy All Year Long, O'Donnell has showcased her love of crafts by offering craft tutorials on her website, as well as previously running an Etsy shop (proceeds went to her charity).
  • Uma Thurman is nifty with the needles. She was spotted at an LA knitting supplies shop, having bought over 30 balls of wool, plus some needles and a T-shirt featuring a woman knitting.
  • Johnny Depp is an accomplished portrait painter. He says that he's drawn to the emotion in the eyes of his subjects. He's painted the likes of Marlon Brando, Tim Burton and Keith Richards.

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