Do You Suffer from Rough, Cracked Heels?

Don't feel bad if you do. Summer is the WORST time on everyone's feet, especially if you're a fan of flip-flops and flats. (Nothing is worse than heels that feel like sandpaper.)

Joyce Carboni, founder/ director of Skinsational Skin & Body Spa talks about the 5 most common feet faux pas, and gives tips on how to fix them!

Faux Pas #1: Neglecting your cuticles? If you're not taking proper care of them, it could lead to damage and possibly painful hangnails or infections!

Fix: Avoid cutting them, which can cause more damage. Instead, wrap a cuticle stick with a cotton swab, soaked with cuticle softener, at the tip. Push back cuticles gently. After this step, brush on cuticle oil to keep them hydrated.

Faux Pas #2: Leave your nail polish on too long? Well, your toes may be stained yellow as a result.

Fix: Soak your feet for 10 minutes in a denture cleaner; the stains should be much less visible afterwards. Want to do better? Visit your local spa for a pedicure, where the nail technician can address the problem and provide tailored tips! In the future, brush on a base coat and change your polish every five days.

 Faux Pas #3: Cracked, dry heels are never appealing.

Fix: Restore them by giving yourself intensive hydrating treatments each night. In the shower, slough off any dead skin cells with an exfoliating scrub like Skinsational's Grapefruit Sugar Scrub ($32). Afterwards, moisturize with a hydrating lotion and to intensify the treatment, wear socks to bed.

Faux Pas #4: Your new summer sandals look fabulous, but the stiff material left you with blisters.

Fix: Before breaking in new shoes, apply a coat of Band-Aid Active Flex Blister Block Stick ($7 at drugstores) to prevent blisters from forming. Already have one? Cover it with sports tape.

Faux Pas #5: Weak, brittle nails are a common side effect of filing nails in the wrong direction.

Fix: Use a nail hardener to re-build strength. In the future, file your nails with an emery board held at a slight angle in one direction only.

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