Does Your Skin Need a Boost? Enter Intraceuticals


THERE'S A REASON EVERY CELEBRITY from Naomi Campbell to Justin Timberlake’s got glowing testimonials endorsing Intraceuticals online. This is skincare on another level. Their in-spa Intraceuticals Oxygen infusion skincare treatments infuse their high tech serums into the deeper layers of skin using oxygen under pressure, resulting in visibly rejuvenated, hydrated, beautiful skin from within. The oxygen infusion treatment has become a must for celebrities about to walk the red carpet. And for those of us at home who can’t justify regular spa visits, there are incredible skincare products you can use at home to get celebrity-standard results.

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Treatment promises to instantly hydrate, lift and tighten the skin, and the at home products include a cleansing gel, daily serum, eye gel, hydration gel, and the moisture binding cream which is essential for winter skin protection. And now Intraceuticals has introduced a line of boosters – targeted additives that can be used alone or combined with daily serum in the first step of their three part hyaluronic layering. The Antioxdant+ Booster helps to balance skin that is stressed out and travel worn, Collagen + is all about skin renewal and elasticity, Vitamin C+ 3 is a potent brightener and Vitamin A+ clarifies, brightens, softens and smoothes. If your skin needs a boost, look no further than Intraceuticals.
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