Donatella Versace Approves of Lady Gaga’s Love Letter to Her


Drake isn't the only one singing (rapping?) Versace's praises. Lady Gaga recently announced that she had written a song titled, “Donatella,” that would appear on the upcoming ARTPOP album. Before you label Mother Monster a biter (“Tom Ford,” anyone?) know that this song is more about who Gianni's sister is as a person and less about the Italian fashion house. The singer toldĀ Just Jared that it was her “love letter” to Donatella who worked on Gaga's last tour wardrobe.

The song didn't fall on deaf ears because Donatella wrote to Just Jared saying she was flattered! “I would like to publicly thank Gaga for her geniality, creativity, and talent,” she said. “I am honored to be her friend and of course I love the song! Love, DV.”

Well, isn't that precious!