Don’t Be Shiny – Stay Matte and Beat the Heat With This Makeup Artist Trick


Don’t let the random days of chilly temperatures and random snowflakes fool you – spring is definitely here and summer is on its way. Soon you’ll be packing away all of your sweaters and getting reacquainted with your sleeveless styles. Soon, instead of worrying about your skin being too dry, you’ll be worried about sweating all of your makeup off the second you go outside. No worries. It happens to the best of us. Sweltering hot weather can be an issue for makeup lovers. I often find myself sweating profusely and having a fear of my makeup dripping off my face, or transferring onto my light colored clothing in the sun. I’ve been known to tell folks that I feel like a chocolate ice cream cone melting in the sun. Celebrity makeup artist Cynde Watson calls it “sweating cocoa.” No matter what we call it, it isn’t cute.

You may think that translucent powder is a shiny woman’s best friend on a hot day, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Powder can sit on your skin’s surface and look cakey, as well as transfer easily onto your clothing (and even more embarrassingly, that of others). During a recent Skype interview where she educated me on the mattifying power of professional favorite makeup line Becca Cosmetics, Watson taught me a secret she first learned from Sam Fine. Here is how professional makeup artists recommend you use powder, to effectively set your look:

Step 1 – pull a piece of tissue apart so it’s super thin, one ply.

Step 2 – use that tissue to gently blot the skin. Press to absorb the oil in the T-Zone.

Step 3 – THEN you can apply powder, because you’re applying it to matte skin (instead of over a layer of oil).

Watson confessed that as an artist, powder isn’t one of the first tools in her arsenal against the greasies. You can insure that your look stays matte by laying down the right foundation. It all begins with a killer primer. Watson sold me on Becca Cosmetics Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector, which can be used over or under foundations, on eyelids as primer, or on lips as mattifier. I love a good beauty all-rounder. I’m happy to report that I used Becca’s Priming Perfector on a recent 80 degree day and it stood up to the test! No melted chocolate ice cream, no sweating cocoa, no makeup transference. Yes, I got sweaty in the sun but my makeup didn’t budge. This is a movement I can get behind! I plan to stay matte and beat the heat by using primer, blotting my situation when needed, and above all else staying hydrated in the spring-into-summer heat so I don’t melt away.

What are your best tricks and tips for staying matte?

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