Don’t Call It a Comeback: Ciara Talks New Music, Health, and Style After Baby


The first time we spoke with Ciara was right after she announced her pregnancy to the world. It was a January evening at Manhattan’s Jungle City Studios, where, despite her childbearing state, she was preparing to grace the Grammys after-party stage.

140819_Ciara Degree

When we met last week, the “Body Party,” star was surrounded by similarly buzz worthy news. Reports began to surface about her rumored break up with fiancé Future, just as her August/September cover for Brides magazine hit newsstands.

Still, one not to be frayed by tabloid fodder, Cici was the consummate professional. In both instances, big announcement and bigger gossip aside, she insisted that balance between newfound motherhood and her work would remain priority. That sentiment echoes her work with Degree Women’s IMPROVERS campaign, empowering women to “DO:MORE of what they love, work harder and push boundaries to achieve their goals on and off the stage.”

Glam caught up with Ciara about this mantra and how it’s inspired her bounce back after baby.

Glam: Now that you’re a mother, has Degree’s DO:MORE initiative taken on a new meaning?

Ciara: Absolutely! I’m always connected to the concept of doing more because I’ve always been ambitious, I always have goals that I want to accomplish. But, adding a mom factor definitely changes that up because now, I’m adding another important load to my plate. I have to balance out everything, and now I have to do more—even more—to balance it all. It totally resonates… it’s just a pump up from what it was before.

Glam: I like how you say “another important load” as opposed to “important load.” It emphasizes that you’re still a working woman—you’re a working mom.

C: That’s important to me. I love what I do and I want to be the best at what I do, so that’s why I want to do more. That’s why I want to work hard. I also want to be a good representation for my son. I hope that when he looks at his mom, he says “I have a strong mom. I have a hard-working mom.”

Glam: And she kept going.

C: That’s right. Keep it moving!

Glam: Now, aside from your music and your style, you’re known for having a great body. Has it been difficult post-baby to get back in performance shape?

C: It’s definitely a challenge. It’s one thing when you’re working and simply trying to lose weight; but your body goes through a whole transformation during pregnancy. Your flab is different than the flab before pregnancy—I’m just going to be honest. So, it’s definitely more of a challenge, but it’s a great challenge. Even with getting myself back to 100 percent, it’s going to empower me even more. I think I’m going to feel even more confident, more bold.

Glam: And I like the idea that you’re taking your time and doing it right. We don’t see that a lot with celebrity mothers, who seem to drop the weight weeks after giving brith! How do you feel about translating that message to women who look to you for inspiration?

C: The thing is, you’re human. I’m human. I am very ambitious, and I do like to go hard, so I like to push myself to go as fast as I can sometimes. But I realized, your body is going to move how it’s going to move. You can’t overthink things. I think that’s the problem. Sometimes, I hear moms say “Oh my gosh. I can’t wait to get my body back,” or “I feel like I’m so blah. I don’t feel like myself.” Look—you just had a baby. Give yourself some slack. Even when I was pregnant, I was like, “I’m not going to stress about this. This is beautiful.” It’s a beautiful process and I think you have to embrace it. When you embrace the concept of what it is, that helps you stay focused on what you should focus on and lets yourself move at the pace you should naturally move at.

Glam: And part of you getting back to business included a shoot with MTV’s House of StyleHow was that?

C: It was really fun. It’s so cool to be able to recap my style evolution, and to see some of the cool looks that we’ve done on stage—my favorite place to be is on stage. And it was really fun because I also had some of my team players there, who’ve helped me put everything together, that helped me bring my vision to life. It was really fun, and funny, walking through some of the looks, and reflecting on the process of making the looks happen.

Glam: Which look was your favorite?

C: It’s always my performance from the BET Awards, when I wore the money look. The look is actually from TopShop. My stylist at that time, Marni Senofonte… she showed me the outfit and we did the “I’m Out” video with me and Nicki [Minaj] in it… [the look] was just so fly, and the story behind how it all happened was amazing. And you’ll see on House of Style—the drama of the jacket, everything.

Glam: Iggy Azalea is now hosting that show, and you both have ties to Atlanta. Could there be a collaboration brewing?

C: You never know! I’m very happy for the success that she’s having.

Glam: You are recording your new album now. How is that going? Will you be opening up more about motherhood?

C: I’m working with Dr. Luke right now, and it’s really special. To me, music is art, but music is the truest way of expressing [myself]. So, I think it’s only right that I be influenced by the great things that are happening in my life. The energy of being a new mom definitely brings something different.

Glam: Do you go into the studio saying “I’ve recorded a song like this before, I want to do something totally different,” or is it a more organic, free-flowing atmosphere?

C: It’s definitely an organic process, but it’s inevitable to recap on some of the things that I’ve done before, because I do want to make sure that it’s something different. But I always want to keep it the essence of who I am in the process.

Glam: So… can we look forward to another “Body Party?”

C: It definitely can be a “Body Party” part two! That song was amazing, such an amazing moment. That song was very special, so I think it’d be right to try to top that into something even doper.