Don’t Let Travel Hinder Your Workout! 3 Hotel Room Approved Exercises


As a product of our busy lives and travel schedules due to work, it can sometimes be difficult to sneak in those much-needed workouts. After an especially invigorating workout with Juliet Kaska at an Activate event in New York City, Glam snagged the fitness expert to score the moves on three of her favorite hotel approved workouts. Known for her special blend of Pilates, Yoga, and ballet, Kaska's signature style has attracted the attention of celebs like Kerry Washington and Stacey Kiebler. As a trainer to the stars, Kaska created her own special routine based on her love for Activate nutrient enhanced water. Read on for three of her perfect moves!

(In place of a Pilates Dowel- Use a tightly wound dry bath towel stretch between your hands.)

Exercise #1

Name: Plié Serious

Repetitions: 60 Total

Description: Traditional ballet and Pilates Footwork standing, with the tempo and repetition of athletic endurance training.

Set up: Stand with heels together, toes turned out in a traditional “Pilates Stance” (less of a turnout then a dancers 1st position).

Holding towel, with palms facing down, bring arms overhead and slightly in front of forehead. Keep arms in this position throughout series.

Movement: Bend knees into a demi plié heels stay flat on the ground; increase tension outward on the towel as you straighten the legs. 20 x’s

Increase to a full Grande plié’, heels come up but stay pressed together. Again, increase tension out on towel as you straighten legs. 10x’s

Rise up on to the balls of your feet (releve’), and lower and lift heels. Keep pacing even and squeeze butt muscles throughout. 20x’s

Stay lifted on your last releve’. Keeping heels lifted lower down half way, and all the way back up to straight legs 10x’s.

Exercise #2

Name: Rolling Like a Plow

Repetitions: 10

Description: This is a combination of a Burpee- athletic training, Chair Pose from Yoga, Rolling Like a Ball from Pilates, Plow from Yoga and Roll down from Pilates

Set up: Use a mat, carpet or other soft/cushioned surface. Stand with feet together, arms overhead, palms facing one another

Movement: With abs drawn in, begin to bend your knees, sit your hips back leading with your tailbone, as you hinge at your hips into a yoga chair pose, continue bending your knees till you come all the way down to the ground. Roll back like a ball onto your shoulders and back of head is on the ground. Legs reach over your head into Yoga Plow –keep chin off the chest. Pause. Roll down and back into a ball till your feet are on the ground jump up in the air (Burpee) and repeat.

Exercise #3

Name: Warrior 3 Lunges

Repetitions: 80 Total

Description: Strength training-90’ lunges into Yoga Warrior 3, working coordination, balance, strengths of core, legs and arms, concentration & calmness with the use of Pranayama (Yoga breathing), while raising your heart rate.

Set up: Start in a lunge, your back heel is lifted and both knees bent to 90’, holding the towel with arms extended out in front you an tension on pulling out on the towel. Inhale & exhale evenly through your nostrils – try a count of 4-6 seconds.

Movement: Keep the nostril breathing going throughout the exercise. On the inhale transfer from a deep 90’ lunge, shifting your weight to the front leg, bringing your body weight forward as you simultaneously lift the back leg up and extend straight behind you, lowering chest until back leg, chest and arms are parallel to the floor (upper arm is inline with your ears). Balance for a 1 second breath hold. As you begin the nostril exhale lower back to your start position. Balance for 1second breath hold. Note: Keep the tension on the towel the entire time.