Don’t Worry, Be Yoncé


Beyoncé seems to be running our world. With too many awards to count, a number one spot on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, Beyoncé-themed dance classes, and now even her own voter demographic, no wonder we're all drunk in love with Bey. Talk about Sasha Fierce! While we all bow down to Mrs. Cater for looking #flawless in her body suits while sharing the stage with hubby Jay Z on their joint On The Run Tour, there's another way for us (single) ladies to dress like the Queen B and show our love (or obsession) without wearing a leotard in public. Lucky for us, Beyoncé-inspired graphic tees have popped up everywhere after her emoji tees sold out at her shows:

1. Beyoncé Surfboard Emoji Shirt, available at for $35.00
2. Zodiac Beyonce Virgo Sweatshirt, available at for $99.00
3. I Woke Up Like This Sweatshirt, available at for $100.00
4. Style Stalker 'Don't Worry Be Yoncé' Muscle Tee, available at South Moon Under for $48.75
5. Drunk In Love Tank, available at for $15.99
6. Wake Up Like This Tank, available at for $17.99
7. Flawless Knit Tank, available at Forever21 for $12.90