Dove Says Don’t Be Shy with Your Snapshots


It’s surprising to think in the age of Instagram and profile pictures that anyone would run from a chance to snap a shot, but new Dove global research found 77% of women are actually quite camera shy.

According to the new findings, more than half of the women were worried how they would look would impact how they feel in front of the camera. Anytime a camera was around marked an opportunity to ham it up for moment when we were little, but it changes, on average, at the age of 24. And it’s getting younger all of the time.

Because of this, the brand has followed up on its viral hit with a new video to make you smile and think about when you began backing away from the camera. While the ladies of all ages and backgrounds all hide from the camera in the clip, the little ones are ready to let their stars shine!

Molly Sims and Miranda Kerr have given Glam great advice on nailing the perfect shot. But if there’s anything we learned from glamazons like Cara Delevingne, it’s that it never hurts to get a little goofy in front of the lens. So go ahead, get sassy with your friends and your seflies and share your snaps with #MyBeautifulSelf hashtag!

Check out the clip for yourself below: