Dove Shares the Power of Selfies at Sundance


Whether we save them for Saturdays, or snap them when we’re #bombshelling and feeling confident, selfies are a great when to show when we look and feel good. Dove channeled the power of the social media phonemonon to show just how beautiful we all are with a short film that made its Sundance debut on Monday.

Selfie shows the progress the brand’s Campaign for Real Beauty has made in the 10 years since it found just 2% of women around the world believed they were beautiful. Dove created a global conversation around widening the definition of beauty, pushing for women (and not the media) to define it. The short-form documentary helmed by Cynthia Wade explores the journeys of multiple generations of girls and their moms in the Berkshire of Massachusetts to create a new type of selfie that celebratse what they believe to be physical flaws. As part of the #BeautyIs project, the girls turned to a professional photographer (Michael Crook) to help build their courage and create art that showed how their perceived flaws made them unique and beautiful by featuring their snaps in a community photo exhibit.

“The way women are defining beauty today is changing dramatically, and social media has much to do with the change,” Wade explained during the documentary’s premiere. “Now we have the ability to photograph the beauty we see in our friends and ourselves. When we share these diverse images on our social networks, we are taking personal ownership and truly redefining beauty.”

While comparing our physical traits with others is a hard habit to break, we must always take time to celebrate what makes each of us wonderfully unique both inside and out, and spread the love to others.

Haven’t seen the film yet? Check out the trailer below, view the full version here and join the conversation by using #BeautyIs and share what beauty means to you!