Dove Takes a Look in the Mirror


After Dove’s controversialBeauty RB-X campaign, the brand is taking a long look in the mirror to find one in three women feel anxious about their reflections.

To combat the case of mirror blues, the brand has released a new aptly titled film Mirrors to show the contrast between young girls who can’t get enough of their smiling reflection and the women who concentrate on their perceived flaws. The new clip is meant to inspire women to learn to like what they see, realize their potential, and let their confidence shine through.

“In an effort to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety, we strive to inform, inspire and ignite conversation and change,” said Jennifer Bremner, Director of Marketing, Dove. “Dove hopes that the Mirrors campaign inspires women to reassess how they see themselves and ensure that every encounter a woman has with her own reflection is a positive affirmation of her beauty.”

It also makes sense right around Mother’s Day, as young girls learn social behaviors from their mothers. Dove’s latest research found 72% feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful, but their moms and role models can set a great example by embracing what makes them unique and sharing their stories.

Haven’t seen the clip yet? Take a look below: