Dove Wants You to Love Your Curly Locks



Shirley Temple, Poodle head, Q-Tip, Brillo Pad, etc. – with nicknames like these given to girls at an early age, we quickly learn it’s not easy growing up with twisted tresses. In fact, only 4 in 10 girls with curly hair think it's beautiful and only 10% grow up feeling proud of their hair's texture.

But Dove Hair is looking to change our minds and embrace our textured tresses with a new short film simply called Love Your Curls. The clip features five young girls who would rather have straight hair, including an 11-year-old named Jewel, who said she wished she could just rip it out. “That feeling makes me sad sometimes when I leave out my hair,” said 9 year old Angelyce. The video brings together all of the girls for curly jam band, who embrace their spiraly strands and declare their curls are perfect just the way they are. Studies show that little ones are seven times more likely to love their hair if those around them (like moms, friends, family, and even strangers) love them too!

It also marks a big move for not just for Dove Hair but for the industry overall. The brand is launching its new Advanced Series Quench Absolute collection designed to cleanse, nourish, and treat tresses to provide 4 times more defined natural curls with the help of precious Brazilian Buriti Oil. This comes on the heels of brands like Living Proof, Philip Kingsley, which have debuted curl care collections of their own to provide Curly Sues with the moisture, frizz fighters, and strengtheners needed to keep unruly tresses wrapped around your finger. With proper products to soothe and smooth our strands, there’s sure to be more girls with curls who love their locks in the near future.

Haven’t seen the clip yet? Check out the video below: