Dove Wants You to Share #OneBeautifulThought


We all tend to nitpick when we’re looking in the mirror, but we never really think of how harsh our self-criticisms are and how much of an impact they can have. Luckily, Dove is bringing them out into the light to see them for what they really are and to inspire #OneBeautifulThought.

Dove France asked women on the street for their most personal thoughts about their bodies before they were invited out for a coffee. The coffee shop was staged with a pair of actresses who stepped into their shoes and said those criticisms out loud. The results prompted the women to reflect on how they see themselves, most noting that it’s not only horrifying and toxic, but one of the women said, “I hope my daughter never speaks to herself like that.” Another shared the women’s collective conclusion: “To like yourself is better. It’s as simple as that.” Good advice, indeed!

Haven’t seen the clip yet? Take a look below: